Make up credit during midterm week

Rachel Cichon, Editor-in-Chief

Wednesday, January 21 marks the end of the 1st semester of the school year and the deadline for student’s to make up any attendance recovery. This recovery is necessary for students who exceeded the allotted 5 hours per class of absences throughout the semester.  To check your absences for Quarter 2, check PowerSchool soon, as Quarter 2 attendance will not be visible following the 21st.

Credit recovery will be cancelled throughout midterm week, but there is an opportunity for students to make up hours regardless. If student’s go to the school’s “Cocoa & Cram” study session to be tutored by students and teachers, all they have to do is go to the Student Services Office and pick up a “pink slip” which the supervisor at the event can sign. It is an easy and efficient way to make up attendance.