The Movie Club: its mysterious existence exposed

The Movie Club: its mysterious existence exposed

Kira Cleer, Staff Writer

After visiting all of the High School’s three offices and questioning multiple 10-12th graders, the existence of the Movie Club has been confirmed. The club meets every Monday from 2:30-4:30 in Mr. Jason Kane’s room 1-19 at the Freshman Campus. There are no requirements to join this club.

The groups members pick the movies based off of group interest. So far they have visited the Howell Theatre and will be going to the premiere of “Welcome to Unity”, a documentary about seven foreign exchange students in a small, rural American town, on February 8th.

“The kids pick the movies to watch and they stay after to talk about it,” club advisor Mr. Kane says.

The club has an average of seven members. They usually pick movies that have awards to watch. The upcoming movies they’ll be watching are “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” on February 9th, “Premium Rush” on February 16th, and “Life of Pi” on March 9th.

“I think it’s nice because people will be quiet during the movie and then there aren’t a lot of conflicting opinions,” Lora Root says, “We’ll talk about what we liked and didn’t like [after] and then we’ll also talk about why it’s popular.”