How Senior Survivor incites competitiveness, passion and fun at HHS

How Senior Survivor incites competitiveness, passion and fun at HHS

Evan Webster, Staff Writer

Fourteen survivors, multiple challenges, and school spirit. Only one will be named the ultimate senior survivor. This time of the school year, hundreds of student participate in the event Howell high school puts on, Senior Survivor. Passion-filled students buy shirts to support their beloved survivor. This event takes the title of being the many students’ favorite time of the year. But why? What makes the whole student body get so involved in this particular event?

One reason I find particularly interesting is that the student body as a whole sees this event as an actual television show.  Senior Survivor’s content is based off of the show Survivor, and many individuals find this concept intriguing. Each night the survivor’s experience is captured on film for the whole school to watch the next day. Students fall in love with the survivors after seeing them day after day and getting to know them. As the week goes on, each survivor accumulates a “fan base,” that is always exciting to be a part of.

Human beings are a competitive species. When Senior Survivor rolls around, students’ competitive nature ignites. Students take this extremely seriously and want to see their survivor win. This makes the kids want to participate in the event to make sure their survivor stays alive, they’re incited to buy shirts and donate money. All these students do this to see their survivor win.

Survivor week is popular at Howell because all the money raised goes towards an amazing cause. I believe that the students of Howell High School see this as a time to make a difference in society, and by donating money they can while having fun participating. All of the foundations that have been selected in recent years have dealt with life threatening diseases. A lot of people know family members or friends that have had a serious illness and want to help in any way possible. Especially last year when over $27,000 were raised.

Senior Survivor is the most participated school event. It is evident why this is so. I see Senior Survivor as a great asset to Howell High School because it gets all groups of the school involved! No matter who you are in the school, anyone can participate and have tons of fun! This is why we see Senior Survivor as the students’ most beloved time of the year.