Meet your Senior Survivors!

Meet your Senior Survivors!

Thomas Lassiter and Kira Cleer

ChrisTeam Acky

Chris Ackerman is a senior leader for the baseball team, a part of Link Crew and NHS, and winner of the Mr. Highlander competition this year at school. In his final performance for Mr. Highlander, he sang Italian opera and the school went crazy. He has wanted to be a part of Senior Survivor since he was a freshman and thinks it is a great way to raise money for charity. His strategy involves trying to win immunity once or twice during the week , saying that this will pave his way to glory. His biggest rival is Michael Betz because of the way he draws his following from freshman girls, a tactic Ackerman does not respect. Ackerman’s spirit animal is a snow leopard. This is because, “They are ferocious. They live in some of the toughest conditions and still know how to survive and thrive.” In one word, Team Acky is a “WINNER.”

Team La$agnaabby

Abby Lasagna is relying on her energy level, support system, and mom to get her through the week. Lasagna is involved in softball and the National Honor Society. She’s looking forward to spending time with everyone and experiencing different sides of people. She plans to win by giving it her all every minute of the competition. Lasagna believes her biggest rival will be Chris Ackerman because she’s so used to helping him. Lasagna believes her spirit animal would be “an elephant, because people underestimate me and I can make sounds very similar to it”. Team Lasagna summed up in one word is, “HUNGRY.”

Team J-Terry Swerve

JACKJack Porath strikes an eerily similar resemblance to actor Tobey Maguire and is a devoted member of Howell’s band, jazz ensemble, Choir Chorale, and is captain of the Calamity Choir. Jack says he will be the Ultimate Survivor because he and his followers are going to do it together and win as a team. Jack’s main strategy is to simply be better. His biggest rival is Devan Belcher because of his marketing techniques. When asked about his spirit animal, he confidently replied “I am a fat sloth. Not just a sloth, a fat sloth. When I am hanging in the tree, I would mistake my hand for the limb and then fall to the ground. But I wouldn’t die. Because I’m a fat sloth. I would get back up. Fat sloths are resilient, just like Team J-Terry Swerve.” Team J-Terry Swerve in one word is “UNIFIED.”

Team Morse CodeDIANA

Diana Morse’s strategy for winning is to just be as friendly as possible, and get the most money. Morse is involved in boardercross, cheerleading, National Honor Society, and student council. Morse believes her biggest rival will be Kaci because of the challenges that involve running. Morse believes her spirit animal would be “Blair Waldorf from gossip girl because she’s perfect in every way (style, sass, and class)”. Team Morse Code summed up in one word is, “PASSIONATE.”

Team E-Web

Evan Webster is very involved in drama and theatre at Howell. He has also starred and EVANplayed a leading role in the play, Comedy of Errors. Webster says he will be the ultimate survivor because he has learned many things from his brother’s experience last year. He is determined not to be out first like his brother Bryce and not only be the Ultimate Survivor, but the Ultimate Webster. Evan wants to be a senior survivor this year to raise money for a cause that “emotionally” touches him. His biggest rival is going to be Team Acky because of his role in the Mr. Highlander Competition. Evan’s spirit animal is a penguin because “of their determination to survive. They live in the coldest climate on earth and don’t even care. People underestimate them, but they know how to survive.” In one word, Team E-Web is, “FIERCE.”

Team BranflakesAMY

Amy Brennfleck plans on going into the competition with tons of money and community support from all of her volunteer positions around the community. Brennfleck is the captain of the varsity tennis team. She teaches a toddler class at 242 community church, volunteers within a kindergarten class, is a part of T.I.E.S., and has an internship at LACASA. Brennfleck thinks her biggest rival is going to be Team Betz because “all the freshmen girls think he’s ridiculously hot”. She hopes to win by staying out of drama and working hard to earn as much money as possible. Brennfleck says her spirit animal would be “a cow because cows need lots of fiber, and branflakes provide that”. Team Branflakes summed up in word is, “FIERCE.”

Team Belcher

DEVANDevan Belcher is a part of the construction trade program at Howell High School. He will be the Ultimate Survivor because he is so outgoing. He wants to reach out and speak to all the students of the school and unite them all under one cause. He wanted to be a survivor this year because he wanted to raise as much money as possible for a great cause. His main strategy in this competition will be trying to stand out. He wants to create a brand for himself as someone who doesn’t conform. His biggest rival will be Jack Porath because of his big following and his abundant supporters. His spirit animal is a dolphin because, “They are so majestic. They stand out throughout all of the animals in the ocean.” In one word, Team Belcher is, “OUTSTANDING.”KACI

Team Cunningham

Kaci Cunningham plans on getting immunity and the most money in order to become champion this year. Cunningham thinks the competition is a great way to raise money and get involved, and is looking forward to the competitions. Cunningham is involved in basketball, soccer, and was a part of football. Cunningham believes her spirit animal would be “a lion, they’re lazy at times but can get the job done when needed”. Team Cunningham summed up in one word is, “AMAZING.”

Team PerkinsSAAM

Sam Perkins is involved in drama and acting. He has starred in the school’s production of the play, Comedy of Errors. Sam says he will be the Ultimate Survivor because of his determination. He says he is going to do whatever it takes. He wanted to do this competition because it is for a great charity and he has always wants to help others. Sam feels as if dividing up his money for each day’s turn in will be the best strategy for victory. His biggest rival is Team Acky because he feels as if Ackerman is the favorite to win. When asked about what his spirit animal was, he calmly replied, “I am an eagle because I’m going to soar.” Team Perkins summed up in one word is “DETERMINED.”

Team Mad-Dogmaddi

Maddie Hurley was inspired to apply for Senior Survivor after she spent time in the hospital as a kid. She believes this is her chance to give back to all the kids she met while in the hospital, and live the life they’re not getting the chance to. Hurley is a part of A Cappella choir, Classicality, and Highlander Chorale. Hurley also made appearances in Our Town and The Apartment. Hurley believes her biggest rival will be Kaci because she’s smart and well liked. She hopes to win by collecting the most money and charming the school with her energy. Hurley believes her spirit animal is “ a dog, but specifically a pitbull because they are fierce”. Team Mad-dog summed up in one word is, “MAD.”

AJTeam 1sht

AJ Firsht says he will be the Ultimate Survivor because of his experience in raising funds in the Mr. Highlander competition in which he finished in second place. He is the captain of the heavyweight division on the wrestling team and the school mascot. He wants to be a part of the Senior Survivor competition because it brings the school together in ways nothing else can. He wants to apply his relationships with survivor alumni to his own strategy and make many friends along the way. He feels as if his biggest rival will be Chris Ackerman because Ackerman beat Firsht in the Mr. Highlander competition a few months earlier. AJ’s spirit animal is a wolf. “The wolf always seems to be alone. But when it comes down to it, he works together with others to get the win.” Team 1sht in one word is, “STEEL.”

Team Sheridanmichaela

Michaela Sheridan wanted to be a part of Senior Survivor because it’s a great way to get involved and help people. Sheridan is the captain of the varsity pom team and is a teacher cadet. She is looking forward to being able to use creativity to sell lime green and running around dressed weird all week. Sheridan hopes to win by being herself and by winning challenges. Sheridan says her spirit animal is “a pampered house cat because they’re super sassy and they think they’re godly.” Team Sheridan summed up in one word is, “SWAG.”

michaelTeam Betz

Michael Betz is argued to be one of the school’s best athletes. He works in the Kilt Shack, is a member of the basketball team, captain of the football team, and is a future college football player. Michael says he will be the Ultimate Survivor because his experience as an athlete has prepared him for competition. He wanted to be a part of Senior Survivor this year because it is for such a great cause and he wants to help out any way he can. Michael feels like his best chance at survival is by winning all of the challenges and competitions. The biggest rival of his will be Evan Webster and Abby Lasagna because he has heard Evan has raised a lot of money and because Abby took his color for the competition. Michael’s spirit animal is a cheetah because, “They are is sneaky fast and feast on their prey.“ In one word, Team Betz is, “$WAG-MONEY.”

Team KinderSYDNEY

Sydney Kinder is hoping to raise a lot of money for a good cause this year. Kinder is a part of the Howell varsity swim team. She believes her biggest rival is AJ Firsht because they were neighbors for a long time. Kinder was inspired to join after her sister was a part of Senior Survivor last year. Kinder is looking forward to spending time with, and getting to know, the other survivors. Her plan to win is to raise the most money and gain immunity. Kinder says her spirit animal is “an elephant cause even though I’m small, I eat a lot.” Team Kinder described in one word is, “AWESOME.”