Senior Survivor: Day 1


Rachel Cichon, Editor-in-Chief

14 Survivors were let into the school at 4:30 on Sunday, April 26. After immediately depositing their car keys and phones with student council members, they lugged sleeping bags, clothes, wagons and wheelbarrows upstairs.

Soon after, paint and paper was brought out and the survivors were given an hour to decorate their banners, which now hang proudly in the commons.

Team Acky was announced as the first winner of Immunity for the night, the reward for selling the most T-shirts.

Survivors, advisors and student council members were then treated to an intricate meal prepared by Mrs. Rigney. The survivors were assigned seats and were expected to “get to know” the person across from them. This person would be their partner for the next  challenges.

Partners were:

Team Acky and Team Branflakes

Team Betz and Team Sheridan

Team 1sht and Team Mad-Dog

Team J-Terry Swerve and Team La$agna

Team E-Web and Team Kinder

Team Perkins and Team Cunningham

Team Belcher and Team Morse Code

The partners played “the Dating Show” together, answering questions about their partner’s favorite colors, food, celebrity crushes and spirit animals to see who had the best memory.

This resulted in a three-way tie between several teams: Acky and Branflakes, E-Web and Kinder, and Perkins and Cunningham. They were asked a final question: how many T-shirts had their partner sold? 

E-Web and Kinder won the competition and a reward of $10.

The second Immunity challenge forced the survivors to search the school for boxes which had been hidden on the stairwell in the industrial hall. They then brought the boxes to the commons where they read instructions on how to complete tasks.

The tasks were –

1. Put together a 16 piece puzzle

2. Wrap one partner entirely in a roll of toilet paper

3. Find 2 gummy bears in a tin of cool whip using only your mouth.

4. Blow a bubble at the same time as your partner, and pop each other’s.

5. Put on a frozen T-shirt

The team that completed all activities first was Perkins and Cunningham. The two soon were split up to complete a final activity that would determine which got Immunity.

Each person had to sort a pre-determined amount of M&M’s by color into six paper plates. The second winner of Immunity was determined to be Sam Perkins.