Ten Ways to Ask Someone to Homecoming That Aren’t Lame


Photo by Kira Cleer

Were you thinking of asking someone to homecoming through text or on a piece of poster board? Can’t come up with a memorable idea? Just need some help on how to ask them? Well, look no further. Make your date feel special by trying one of these fresh and hip new ways.

1.) Want to ask a tea addict? Buy them their favorite Arizona and put a note on it saying “you’re my cup of tea, will you go to homecoming with me?” No one can resist a good rhyme.

2.) Hoping to go with a fellow hardcore geek? Try asking them in Gallyfeyan or Klingon. Check out these websites for translations: https://gallifreyan-9000.rhcloud.com/# or http://www.mrklingon.org/

3.) Are puns more your style? Draw or print off an ear and write, “will you Gogh to homecoming with me?” on the back. No one can resist a good pun.

4.) Can’t get enough puns? Bring them a bag of flour instead of flowers. It works with homophone enthusiasts, bakers, and pun lovers.

5.) Without making them groan too much, try making a pun out of their name like, “you’re the Cleer choice for homecoming, go with me?”

6.) Asking a poetry or donut lover? Try getting them their favorite donut with a note that says, “(insert name), I doughnut want to go to homecoming with anyone else”.

7.) Want to ask someone in a way as patriotic as they are? Try getting them their favorite American themed item and say, “On a scale of one to America, how free are you October 3rd?”.

8.) Asking someone who loves the make believe? Draw pigs on helium balloons and tape their strings to the inside of a box with a note on top saying, “I’ll go to homecoming with you when pigs fly”.

9.) Still aren’t satisfied with the puns? Draw or print off a whale and write, “whale you go to homecoming with me?” on the back.

10.) Want to go with a food lover? Find the way to their heart with a box of their favorite fries and a note that says, “my heart would fry if you didn’t go to homecoming with me.”

Have a great time at homecoming!