2015 Junior Homecoming Court


Every year as leaves change color and the school year sweeps into October, Howell Highlanders enter into a frenzy over the week of Homecoming and all that is included from court to football games. Cameron Delk and Carleigh O’Doherty were nominated for the junior class homecoming court.

Delk and O’Doherty were in disagreement over their standings for homecoming court following their placement on the ballot. Delk, a Varsity Football player felt confident in the couple’s chances. O’Doherty, a member of the Howell High Pom Team, remained unsure until Wednesday afternoon when the announcement was made that the two had won the vote for 11th grade Homecoming court. Despite performing in front of the school on countless occasions, Delk and O’Doherty remain nervous to walk in front of the pep rally but remain excited for the opportunity nonetheless.

“We thought we would win because we’re still a new couple” says Delk.

Choosing the word “awesome ” to describe the experience of homecoming as a whole, the two of them are looking forward to all the events involved with homecoming and are honored to have won the nomination.

“I’m so nervous but know it will be cool,” O’Doherty says.