2015 Freshman Homecoming Court


Neither freshmen Sadie Barclay or Joe Render expected to be on the 2015 homecoming court. Both members of this underclassmen couple are excited to be a part of this year’s court.


“You get to be the face of your class,” Barclay says.


When asked, Barclay uses the word “creative” to describe herself.


“I like to make up things and do stuff and paint,” Barclay says.


Render uses the word “well-rounded” to describe himself.


“I’m a little bit of everything,” Render says.


Both Barclay and Render are excited to represent the freshmen class this year in the homecoming parade.
“It’s sort of fun and cool. It’s something you can experience. You only get four turns to experience it and this is one of them. I think it’s gonna be fun,” Render says.