HHS hosts annual Financial Aid Night

HHS hosts annual Financial Aid Night

Julia Lively, Staff Writer

January 10, 2015

On Tuesday, January 13, Howell High School will be hosting the annual Financial Aid Night. This night is for any college hopefuls and parents looking into financial aid. This informational meeting teaches students how financial aid works, what it is and how to apply for it. By Staff Writer: Julia Lively

Local scholarships make college funding more attainable

March 18, 2014

By Staff Writer: Rachel Brauer College expenses can be frightening, especially if money is tight to begin with. Not everyone qualifies for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which is a completely free application, but most everyone could qualify for scholarships or grants. According to the sch...

Helpful tips on how to afford college tuition

February 25, 2014

By Feature Editor: Hannah Snyder For seniors, second semester means much more than just a new set of courses to take. It also means it is their last semester to complete at Howell High School. After graduation, the next step for so many is college. Either a two-year or four-year, or any type of school after high scho...

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