Howell Pom takes 3rd at High Kick championship

Howell Pom takes 3rd at High Kick championship

Ian Stone, Staff Writer

February 5, 2015

The Howell High School Pompon squad took 3rd at the Mid-American Pompon High Kick Championship on Nov 9th at the SVSU Ryder Center. Howell's team finished 3rd with 289 points, right behind Garden City who finished 2nd with 291.5 points. Plymouth took home the gold in this competition with the winning count of 294.5 points. This comes after Howell's 1st place finish last year at the High Kick championship in medium varsity.

Battle of the sexes

March 18, 2014

By Sports Editor: Danielle Hamilton It is often said that girls can do whatever boys can do. This statement is true, especially when put into the perspective of sports. An athlete is an athlete, no matter what gender. Men and women can both weight-lift, run, and play any sport. Men generally run faster and jump higher than women. Men’s body structures are also generally larg...

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