Pro vs. Con: Valentine’s Day

Pro vs. Con: Valentine's Day
February 24, 2016
Valentine's Day: lighthearted day of love or annoying day of chalky candy hearts?

Homecoming: boom or bust?

Homecoming: boom or bust?
October 13, 2015
Was Homecoming 2015 a "boom"... or a "bust"?

Pro/Con: feminism video sparks controversy

Pro/Con: feminism video sparks controversy
November 12, 2014
On Oct 21, a feminist group released a video on YouTube and their website called "Potty Mouth Princesses". The campaign is called F bombs for feminism. The video was of several 6-13 year old girls dressed up in princess costumes talking about how women get treated poorly compared to men. By Editors and Writers: Kathleen Isenegger, Alexa Skonieski, Kira Cleer and Jackie Keranen
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