What would Jacob do?


What would Jacob do?

This is the question Jennifer Hibbard asks her fifth grade students when they are unsure if they’re making a good decision. The Jacob in question is her son, a senior at Howell High School. Hibbard is known for his energetic personality, which he displays on the sideline at Howell football games, as well as his extremely positive outlook on life.

Hibbard is a self-described huge geek, and his interests include video games and comic books. He also loves knowing pointless information. Hibbard is involved in both advanced drama and marching band. Drama teacher Ms. Amanda Malo considers him a valuable member of her advanced drama class.

“Jake is always positive, kind, and he cares greatly about making others feel part of our community,” Ms. Malo says.

Drama isn’t the only place where Hibbard puts on a show; he can also be seen entertaining fans at home football games in an intriguing way. Through marching band, Hibbard has the opportunity to stand on the track circling the field, a perfect place for him to showcase his groovy dance moves for both the football team and Howell fans.

“It’s a way to pour myself out at the football games. It’s an outlet,” Hibbard says.

When Mrs. Hibbard first saw Hibbard’s theatrics she admitted to have been a little perplexed. Her attitude quickly changed however when she realized the amount of support Hibbard was receiving from his peers and other members of the community. In one particular instance, she was approached by a man who informed her that he attended these games just to watch her son dance.

“It touches my heart that people recognize Jacob for who he truly is, and they accept him,” Mrs. Hibbard says.

In terms of acceptance, Hibbard gives just as much as he receives. He encourages people to accept themselves, creating a welcoming community. The primary reason he enjoys both band and drama is because of the way people feel comfortable expressing who they really are. Hibbard believes everyone should love themselves. He aims to perpetuate this feeling among as many people as he can.

“If a shy, skinny, awkward guy can make people laugh, you can do anything,” Hibbard says.

In the future, Hibbard would like to continue participating in activities where he can express himself, such as actively making videos for a youtube channel that incorporate his interests. He hopes that once he leaves high school people will remember him and continue the positive change he already seems to be enacting in drama class.

“Because he is comfortable with himself he shows other students it’s okay to be comfortable with who they are,” Ms. Malo says.

Mrs. Hibbard is very proud of her son. Hibbard took the lessons she taught him about having strong character, and applied them immensely to his life. Above all, Mrs. Hibbard always told her son to ‘be kinder today than you were yesterday.’ Hibbard’s mother believes his personable and ethical qualities will help him be successful.

“People find joy from Jacob. He has a good spirit about him,” Mrs. Hibbard says.

Hibbard is an incredible example of how being comfortable with yourself can improve your life. When he expresses himself, he is able to make the most out of band, drama, and many other aspects of his life. Ultimately, people appreciate Hibbards optimism and acceptance.

“Hibby is addictive. You just want him around,” Ms. Malo says.