Kathleen Isenegger

Kathleen Isenegger, Opinion Editor

Armed with cozy sweaters, her drum major whistle, and incredibly strong opinions Kathleen Isenegger is prepared to defeat the imminent threat that is 12th grade. Upon graduation Kathleen will hopefully be attending college at Harvard or Brown, her first step on the path of spending her life fighting for gender equality. Kathleen's position on The Main Four is Opinion Editor. Her closest friends are the other members of the Howell Highlander Marching Band. Kathleen likes driving at night, eating Oreos, and watching Park and Recreation. She has a pet cactus living in her room, but it probably won't survive the year due to her inability to take care of plants. Her favorite color is white, her favorite scent is spring, and her favorite sound is the noise of thunderstorms.

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Kathleen Isenegger