Main Four says goodbye to the 2015 school year


This school year was full of trials and tribulations. As the student body of Howell High School is teetering on the brink of insanity, summer has arrived just in time to save us. As expected, we have had to endure endless amounts of standardized tests, piles of homework, and hours upon hours spent locked in windowless classrooms. With the added pleasure of the M-STEP, juniors have had a particularly long ride on the struggle bus.  The freshmen have been yearning to escape the confinements of the Freshman Campus and the sophomores have served their time as the scapegoats of the 10-12 building.

Yet here we are. The seniors have walked across the stage to receive the life changing piece of paper that gives us all a sense of purpose, and now they’re on to bigger and better things. The underclassmen are so close to being set free for a few months; they only have a  few more days remaining. The school is buzzing with excitement for the impending break and even the staff is looking forward to the time off.  Bonfires for burning school papers are scheduled and students are practically lined up ready to leave.

However, we cannot disregard all the things we’ve accomplished. Here at the Main Four, we started the year with a new adviser, and only three returning advanced journalism students. It was a slow start, but the progress we have made is incredible. We put out two prints and increased the school’s awareness of our publication. Individually we have grown as young adults and journalists through our commitment to this paper. We’ve made great strides and have even more elaborate plans for next year.

We hope this summer presents limitless adventures and opportunities. Try to experience everything to it’s fullest, but don’t forget to take time to relax. De-stress yourself and come back fresh and renewed for the fall. High school is the time to find yourself and summer is the perfect chance for this. Try new things, meet new people, go new places, and make it a summer you’ll remember.

-The Main Four