A cappella makes their way to CMU


On Friday Oct 23, Howell High School’s top choir class, A cappella, took a trip to Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.

The choir has been working on two pieces of music for the past two months to be performed and then participated in a clinic run by college professor, Dr. Andre Thomas. The students were also able to work with multiple choirs from different cities in Michigan including Grand Haven and Farmington Hills. The choirs listened to each other sing and received the treat of hearing the CMU Chamber Choir. At the end of the long 14 hour day, A cappella along with other choirs sang what they had learned in a combined concert that included the Chamber Choir, Opera, voice faculty, and three mass choir selections conducted by Dr. Thomas.

“Working with Dr. Thomas was definitely my favorite part. During our clinical he really helped us keep the same rhythm so the whole group stayed together,” senior Delaney Ruff says.

While working with the other choirs, the A cappella group had the opportunity to interact with students from other places.

“I liked that the college choir and Dr. Thomas didn’t treat us as if we were inferior to them. Even though they’re older and have more experience, we were all treated like friends,” A cappella member ShyAnna Wendel says.

This great opportunity allows the students to be able to work with other directors and choirs to see a different way to sing their pieces of music. This was the 4th year that Howell High School’s A cappella choir took a trip to CMU, and the second time that they’ve gotten the opportunity to work with Dr. Thomas.

“Nothing was really different this year than it has been in the past. We always have a great time and take away a lot of great information,”  Director Rod Bushey says. “Dr. Thomas really helped us with balance and interpreting our songs better. I think all the kids are always really surprised by how much fun they have with the professors each year. We really take away a lot from these trips.”