Lions lose all playoff hopes in loss to Seahawks

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Lions lose all playoff hopes in loss to Seahawks

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The Lions played recently in the Saturday night wildcard game against the Seahawks for a playoffs spot. Lions lost the game 6-26.

Seattle started off the game slow, with only one touchdown and one field goal before the end of the first half, Seattle led 10-0. Lions fired back with one field goal to make the game 3-10 at the half.

After poor field position on the first drive, the Lions drove down the field and scored with another field goal from prater. Thomas Rawls carried the Seahawks through the second half with his run game. At the beginning of the 4th quarter, the Seahawks scored a field goal to put them ahead 13-6. After that the Seattle offense kept gaining steam, scoring one Touchdown and one field goal in the 4th quarter, bringing the Lions hopes of a Super Bowl win to a halting stop.

However, many fans were enraged by the reffing, calling bias towards the Seahawks. In the first half, the Seahawks scored a touchdown caught by Paul Richardson. Richardson grabbed Lions defender’s face mask, which should have been flagged to cancel out the touchdown. No flag was thrown. The refs eventually admitted that they “messed up.”

Even with proper officiating, the Lions would have still struggled.

With Matthew Stafford going 18-32 for completed passes, the Lions had a hard time catching and hanging on to the ball. Part of Stafford’s lack of accuracy can be attributed to this injured tendon in his middle finger of his throwing hand. The Lions hard a rough time running the ball, with Zenner only rushing for 34 yards with 11 carries. Russell Wilson had a game going 23-30 with 224 yards and two touchdowns.

Overall, the loss against the Seahawks means the end of the Lions year. Some fans see this as a disappointment due to how well they did in the regular season. Other see it as a positive that they even got to play for a wild card spot.

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