A season of victory for the boy’s swim team


The pressure was on February 16th and 17th for Howell’s Varsity Boys Swim Team. The past two years they brought home a win and the expectations were high this time around. Howell, Pinckney, Milford, Hartland, Brighton, and Grand Blanc all gathered in Milford to compete.


“We did really well [at divisions]. It’s a bit of a change from last year because of new seniors, but the teammates were able to fill in that gap,” freshman Ethan Charles says.


On Friday, Charles swam in the 500m, 200 Individual Medley, 200 Medley Relay, and 400 Freestyle. He started swimming in first grade and enjoys being a part of the team.


“[The team] is a fun group of people and they’re all really positive. Sometimes they can get off task, but when it comes to meets they get their heads in the game,” Charles says.


Come the end of the meet, Howell earned another win making this their third consecutive year in divisions.


“I’m incredibly proud of the team this year and the effort we put in. We really proved our worth and fought hard every dual meet we had,” senior and team captain Ryan Dymkowski says.


The team continues to do well this season by getting third place at conferences last Saturday, February 25.


“The team has been very supportive and cheering like maniacs behind each swim. They really felt like a family and member had their role, and excelled in it. The other teams [at conferences] were competitive, but always showed great sportsmanship by shaking hands win or lose and congratulating the team.” sophomore Stephen Meagher says.


Saturday was finished off with scores of 667 for Grand Blanc, 641 for Brighton, and 617 for Howell.


“The meet was exhilarating. I kept looking around the pool knowing this was one of the last times I was ever going to see it. I can rest assured because I know I’m leaving the team in very good hands.” senior and co-captain Jackson Manning says.


As this season comes to a close, the team has been very successful and hopefully they’ll bring home a few more victories.


“I couldn’t be more proud of the team and Coach Kasperzach for rounding up the kids when we would drift off course. Couch Swisso was also a huge part of our success by pushing us and motivating us through the hardest parts of the season.” Maegher says.