Future parking at howell high school


Courtesy of Meghan Claus

Sadie Boscher, Staff Writer

Sophomores might just have a spot to park in the next upcoming school years at Howell High School, but is this really a wise choice? 

Starting the school year of 2020, sophomore students may be lucky enough to get a few parking spots at Howell´s very own freshman campus. This is unlike many other classes, where sophomores had absolutely no place to park. In fact, many sophomores that did not have a parking pass, were issued tickets just last year. 

“We were able to open up just over 30 spots at the freshman campus for eligible sophomores this year. We are hoping that in the future we can get some more spots paved at the baseball field parking for all of our students, but were able to dedicate some at the freshman campus for now,” Howell High School Principal Jason Schrock said. 

Although previous classes did not have parking spots, it could really benefit the few kids that actually need it. Some kids have after school sports or clubs like NHS or marching band. Not many sophomores can drive anyway, so 30 is a good amount to start. If a sophomore has a car, they should be able to apply for a parking pass to drive it to and from school.  

HHS would also gravely benefit from having the baseball field parking lot paved down. Parking is first come first serve, but if you don’t have a spot, you might as well not have a car. Parking passes have been selling out the past couple years as the classes seem to slowly be growing by the day. Undoubtedly, it’s an issue when we can’t even find a spot for all of the students. The gravel lot should be paved by now. It’s a waste of valuable space people could be using. Not to mention this is our second year not using that parking lot. Students are getting denied parking spots when there’s a perfectly good space to park. 

A couple parking spots for sophomores can’t hurt. Some students may really benefit from it, and if it’s something we can achieve, why wouldn’t we?