Senior Survivor 2021: Tuesday Recap

Maggie Carstensen, Staff Writer

Due to a remote learning day the survivors were unable to raise money the normal way, but there was a way to still raise money. After a 2 hour long dance challenge, the survivors raised over $5,800, with Team Olive Garden (most money raised) and Team Speedy G (most energy) were surprised with immunity. The survivors going home from the end of Tuesday were Team Shrock’n’roll and Team Bye Felicia. The reward challenge included puzzles hidden around the school, with clues to find the pieces. It only ended when all of the puzzle is done. In the end the ultimate puzzler, and the winner of a $95 reward, was Team T-Pain. The immunity challenge was a trivia challenge, where survivors answered Senior Survivor trivia through running to grab papers spread across the gym. The winner of the immunity was Team Caudy-B.

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