Survivor Day 4: Who’s Who?

Ryan Cirella & Jackson Kovarik, Sports Editor, Staff Writer

Survivor Day 4: Who’s Who?

By: Ryan Cirella, Jackson Kovarik 

Sports Editor, Staff Writer 


Wednesday’s reward challenge had an interesting start to say the least. Each survivor chose a partner that they thought they’d work best with. One teammate was to act out movie roles while the other was to guess what the role was. Each pair of teammates had two minutes to get as many correct answers as possible with hopes to split the reward. 

“[We decided roles with] rock, paper, scissors… but then we reversed it because I don’t know movies,” Trey Stone said.

Teams Ice Trey and ADRalko were granted $800, split between them, for being the best actor/guesser duo, winning by one point with a total of eight correct answers. The challenge involved roles such as Spiderman, Cinderella, Olaf, and Shrek.

“[The hardest word to act out was] easily Patrick Kraft. I read the paper as Patrick Star and completely missed Patrick Kraft’s full name and so it kind of threw things off a little bit but that one took a minute and we still didn’t get it,” Aidan Ralko said. 

The immunity challenge was held in the commons to start, but required speed and prior knowledge. The survivors were asked Jeopardy type questions with each answer corresponding to a classroom. They had 45 seconds to race to a classroom that they thought was correct, but if they were wrong they were eliminated from the challenge.

“I actually didn’t prepare for trivia questions. My mom told me to, so shout out to my mom. It was way too complicated and I didn’t know most of the pop culture questions so it was guessing,” Faith McDevitt said.

With a different variety of questions only one person can remain. Teams McHammer and Rock ‘N’ Ro were the final two and were asked a question that required them to know the history of Senior Survivor. The two teams were asked what is the total amount of money raised by Senior Survivor over the years. Team Rock ‘N’ Ro fell short, granting immunity to Team McHammer. 

“Honestly, I am gonna be completely honest with you, I have straight up $25 and one of those dollars Trey gave to me… very kind of him. And so I was a hundred percent going home tomorrow,” McDevitt said. 

With the immunity sword back in play and everyone pacing the school to find it, eventually it was found within an hour by Team Big Mac. 

“I have been looking since Sunday night, since I have been here and we rehid it tonight. It has been rehidden and we looked for a solid ten minutes and for me this means the world. I have been banking on this sword the whole week,” Mckenzie Maher said.