Going as two can save students money

Gabriel Seck, Photo Editor

By Photo Editor: Gabriel Seck

Homecoming fever is about to take over Howell High School, a well deserved distraction after the hard first month back in the swing of things. Besides the green and gold, the glitter, floats. Spirit week, and the ever promising Homecoming football game, there is one thing sticking in students’ minds -the Homecoming Dance. This night of fun and friends is easily one of the best dances of the school year.

This year though, tickets have taken a turn for the better. Starting next Monday, Sept. 30, tickets will go on sale: $12 for an individual and $20 for a couple. Tuesday-Thursday the price grows to $15 per person and $25 for a couple. Friday is $18 per student and no couple deal, following $20 at the door and no couple deal. To save money, go with a friend, a date is not required. Let’s go Highlanders!