Students spread ‘Friday Night’ school spirit

Kate Bauer, Staff Writer

penyp.AuSt.74By Staff Writer: Kate Bauer

It’s finally Friday. The students of Howell High School are let free for the weekend, and where do they go? To the football game, of course! With pre-game tailgates in the parking lot, themed outfits, and a Twitter account with 700 followers, Howell’s student section is made up of some of the most dedicated fans.

Students are often separated by class and age, but there is one thing they all have in common which is their school spirit.

“I think it’s [the student section] a great way for the senior class and the school as a whole to come together,” says HHS senior and section leader Ben Calandrino. “Everybody always has a blast cheering on our boys.”

The section consists of countless students shouting chants, waving flags, blowing horns, and just having a good time with their classmates.

“We have the best student section in the state,” says senior Mike Durand. “We are loud, energetic, and get pumped up. I have been going to the games for four years and this year is the best that I have ever seen.”

The fans aren’t the only ones who enjoy the high energy of the student section.  Both the cheerleaders and the football players appreciate the crowd.

“My favorite section I’ve ever cheered in front of,” says varsity cheerleader Sydney Healy. “They are very hype and very responsive. It makes cheering fun!”

“I love the section!” says football player Beau Godkin. “It gets us pumped and it’s great to see how many people support the team.”

If asked what their favorite part of the game was, most of the students would respond with two words: drum line.

“I like the student section because they chant ‘We want drum line!” and they keep the atmosphere alive,” says senior drummer Paul Brown.

Students used to look forward to football games for the section, but recently the fans have spread their support to other sports, like the women’s varsity volleyball and basketball games. With a theme set in advance, students dress in matching attire for the event.  Previous themes have been white, black and gold, green and gold, and neon.

“It’s high energy and I love the people I’m surrounded by. I love it!” says senior Danielle Boss.