Howell football team delivers Homecoming game win

Howell football team delivers Homecoming game win

Kira Cleer, Editor in Chief

October 6, 2016

After a week of spirit and months of prep, on September 30th, Howell's varsity football team beat Grand Blanc's team during the 2016 homecoming game. Despite the rain throughout the first half of the game, the team kept their spirits high and beat Grand Blanc 48-46 after maintaining the lead the entire...

New student section leaders crowned

February 21, 2014

By Staff Writer: James Edwards The Howell High School student section is known as the “Warrior Zone”. It is considered to be one of the biggest and most intimidating student sections in the state. If you want to see for yourself, come out to watch a home basketball or football game and you will notice t...

Students spread ‘Friday Night’ school spirit

Kate Bauer, Staff Writer

September 25, 2013

By Staff Writer: Kate Bauer It’s finally Friday. The students of Howell High School are let free for the weekend, and where do they go? To the football game, of course! With pre-game tailgates in the parking lot, themed outfits, and a Twitter account with 700 followers, Howell’s student section is made up of some of the most dedicate...

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