New student section leaders crowned

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABy Staff Writer: James Edwards

The Howell High School student section is known as the “Warrior Zone”. It is considered to be one of the biggest and most intimidating student sections in the state. If you want to see for yourself, come out to watch a home basketball or football game and you will notice that the students come out in droves to cheer on their fellow classmates. Traditionally, there are two so-called Warrior Zone “leaders”, a senior male and female. This year’s leaders are Ben Calandrino and Raquel Lentine. These two leaders are the holders of the famous Howell High flags. At the Winterfest assembly on Friday, Feb. 7, the legacy of student section leader was passed down to next year’s leaders.

Calandrino handed his flag down to fellow wrestler Luke Koronich. Koronich is seen as a passionate leader amongst the student body. It’s no secret that Koronich is at every single football and basketball game, doing his best at really firing the crowd up and keeping everybody focused on the game. “I believe Luke can lead the section really well next year and really has a lot of school spirit,” Calandrino says.

Lentine passed her flag down to one of Howell’s most spirited students, Erin Hamilton. Hamilton has always been a passionate supporter of the girls teams at Howell along with the boys teams. During spirit week every year, it is quite normal to see her in the halls sporting whatever theme is for each day. “Erin has always been such a great supporter of the teams here, and I thought it was a no-brainer who the flag should go to. It was such an easy choice for me,” says Lentine.

The new flag bearers themselves are quite happy with their new titles. “Ben (Calandrino) told me that I was getting the flag for next year a while ago, but getting it in front of the whole school really just pumped me up even more,” says Koronich. He plans on taking the student section to bigger and better things starting next year and hopes to be crowned as the best section in the state. “Howell High is one of the biggest schools in the state, and in my opinion, we have the best sports programs too. I don’t see why we can’t have the biggest student section,” says Koronich with a smile.

Hamilton has a few tricks up her sleeve as well in terms of improving the Warrior Zone. “I remember when I was a sophomore, our student section was so big and powerful, I want to get it to be like that again, that’s my biggest goal,” says Hamilton. She knows she’s in for a tough task trying to get everyone in the school to show their support for the sports’ teams, but she has plenty of confidence that she can keep it all together. “It’s a huge responsibility, but I think me and Luke will be able to handle it,” says Hamilton.

After the happiness and excitement of the ceremony in front of the school faded, both Koronich and Hamilton felt very grateful and eager for the upcoming experience. “Yeah, we are just so happy and grateful to get this opportunity from Ben and Raquel. We are so excited to lead the Warrior Zone next year,” says Hamilton.