Meaningful messages from parents available for graduation

Kayla McClain, News Editor

graduation-hats1By News Editor: Kayla McClain

While standing in a crowd with hundreds of familiar faces surrounding you, you wait impatiently for that moment you have worked for the past 12 years of your life. Now is the time to finally receive what you deserve – a diploma at high school graduation.

It is very powerful to finally possess the paper which dignifies your success and accomplishments, but there are certainly others in your life that also sees that your diploma is more than just a piece of paper. The ones who have also been through this growing journey with you.

Your parents.

As parents, many take so much pride of their child’s graduation that it cannot be put into words. Luckily, because of ads in Howell High School’s Graduation Program, showing how proud they are of their child can be put into words.

For graduating class of 2014, parents are eligible to purchase a $5 ‘one line ad’ to be listed in the Graduation Program with a limit of 20 words. If any parents are interested, visit the HHS guidance office and fill out a ‘one line ad’ sheet with the message on it with cash or a check attached.

Not only that, but all proceeds are awarded as a scholarship to a 2014 HHS graduate. Ms. Joan Blair, Guidance Office Secretary, is in charge of raising money from the ads, and is hoping for a successful outcome.

“I look forward to raising as much money as possible to give to a 2014 graduate,” Ms. Blair says.

Return the sheet to the guidance office when finished, and the scholarship will be awarded to the one chosen by the Scholarship Selection Committee. This ad is to give parents an opportunity to spread a personal message to their child, along with spreading a financial advantage to a scholar is the plus.