Seniors, enjoy these summertime activities

Seniors, enjoy these summertime activities

Kate Bauer, Staff Writer May 20, 2014
With senior year coming to a close, many HHS students are looking forward to starting their new life chapter, saying goodbye to high school friends and memories.
Seniors named HHS prom king and queen

Seniors named HHS prom king and queen

Senior finds being true to self brings rewards
Madison Deadman, A&E Editor May 20, 2014

Jackie Dobbie, class of 2014’s prom queen, had a little bit more of an eventful night than the average senior at  prom. Not only does she bring light to the school but she is a powerful figure to Howell...

Senior Survivor champion taking enthusiasm beyond HHS

Senior Survivor champion taking enthusiasm beyond HHS

Natalie Dunn, Editor-in-Chief May 19, 2014
“Ever since I was little kid I’ve loved making people laugh. I can be funny in front of the camera, and I can create stories… Any situation can be put out there.”

Senior athletes reflect on high school experiences, share future plans

May 14, 2014

By Sports Editor and Staff Writer: Danielle Hamilton and Kate Bauer Two Main Four writers have asked a representative from every sport at HHS, to find out where they're going from here and what they'll...

Helpful tips on how to afford college tuition

February 25, 2014

By Feature Editor: Hannah Snyder For seniors, second semester means much more than just a new set of courses to take. It also means it is their last semester to complete at Howell High School. After graduation,...

Point/ Counterpoint: Deciding where to go after graduation

December 12, 2013

Save some money, community college first By Feature Editor: Hannah Snyder Senior year, by far, has to be the most stressful year in high school. Trying to maintain a good grade point average while also...

HHS meets with every senior to discuss the graduation requirements

HHS meets with every senior to discuss the graduation requirements

Lexi Petroi, Staff Writer November 26, 2013

By Staff Writer: Lexi Petroi Howell High School's senior counselors, Ms. Amy Starr and Ms. Deborah Solowczuk, are meeting with every senior to go over all of the credits that the student has earned throughout...

Hope College ranks high among the rest: A visit that changed my life

Amber Lee Carnahan, Managing/Health & Tech Editor November 22, 2013

By Managing Editor: Amber Lee Carnahan Throughout the various stages of education, school has been strengthening and preparing students for the next big picture - college. We’ve been taught how to write,...

High school students blow savings on graduation

Eliza Bengala, Staff Writer November 20, 2013

By Staff Writer: Eliza Bengala They parade us into the auditorium and make us sit down and stay quiet. We all watch anxiously as a man gets up onto the stage to speak. He begins by introducing himself,...

NMU provides welcoming environment for future students

Hannah Snyder and Hannah Snyder October 23, 2013

By Feature Editor: Hannah Snyder Located in Marquette Michigan, Northern Michigan University is one of the most interesting universities in the Midwest. NMU is home to over nine thousand students and has...

Senior year memories reside heavily in the yearbook

Rachel Brauer and Rachel Brauer October 22, 2013

By Staff Writer: Rachel Brauer Kings of the school, top of the food chain; however you put it, senior year of high school isn’t a time any teenager should take lightly.  It’s the last year of freedom...

Senior girls win Powder Puff game

Kate Bauer and Kate Bauer October 8, 2013

By Staff Writer: Kate Bauer Howell High School ladies proved that football isn’t just for the boys anymore, as the classes faced off at the annual Powder-Puff game on Wednesday, October 2. Each team...

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