Senior Survivor champion taking enthusiasm beyond HHS


Natalie Dunn, Editor-in-Chief

The biggest name in Howell High School this month is that of Zach Noonan, the champion that took the title of the Ultimate Senior Survivor. After the five day competition, which was determined by the students’ abilities to drum up enthusiasm and collect donations for the Rainbow Connection, Noonan was announced as the winner to a gymnasium of screaming students.

“The entire thing was such a fun experience. I loved the concept: sleeping in the school, hanging out with the teachers at night, broadcasting the footage for the whole school,” says Noonan. This year’s competition raised over $27,000 for the Rainbow Connection, an organization that grants wishes to students in Michigan with life-threatening illnesses.

“I’ve just always been energetic and positive, I guess,” says Noonan of his performance on hardly any sleep during the competition. “And calling on energy when I need it.” However, Noonan’s enthusiasm and energy is most certainly not limited to the world of Senior Survivor.

Noonan spends his time channeling this energy into his various pastimes, including playing guitar and filmmaking. He loves creating and starring in movies and films of all kind, and has his own YouTube channel to prove it.

“Ever since I was little kid I’ve loved making people laugh. I can be funny in front of the camera, and I can create stories… Any situation can be put out there.”

While Noonan plans on attending community college initially, to take the time to work on his filmmaking skills, he anticipates going to a film or improvisation school after two years.

“I’m kind of in between career choices right now…I could be an actor or a comedian or an entertainer or a director. I’m hoping I’ll figure it out in the next two years though,” Noonan says, as he talks about his future.

Although his future may be uncertain, Noonan doesn’t seem to have any regrets or apprehensions as he prepares to leave Howell High School.

“I’m just excited for life… I’m going to miss everybody,” he says. He then takes the time to thank the teachers that have affected him the most. “They’re all just such great teachers. They don’t only teach the curriculum, but they teach life lessons on the side. It prepares you for life.”

Zach Noonan has reached all corners of Howell High with his bottomless enthusiasm, and plans to take it to the next level in his life.

“I learned from [Senior Survivor] that you can continue on no matter what the circumstance, and the secret to success is focus and don’t ever give up.”