Senior girls win Powder Puff game

Kate Bauer and Kate Bauer

photo (1)By Staff Writer: Kate Bauer

Howell High School ladies proved that football isn’t just for the boys anymore, as the classes faced off at the annual Powder-Puff game on Wednesday, October 2. Each team was given a color: seniors were black, juniors pink, sophomores white, and freshmen blue, and then let out onto the field for a game of flag football.

The senior girls played the freshman team first, winning with a final score of 20-0. The freshmen put up a fair fight, but were no match to the determined seniors. Next to play were the juniors and the sophomores, with the juniors claiming victory with a final score of 18-6.

The game may pit the classes against one another, but it also brings them closer. The teams are made up of volunteer players who practice after school and the weekend leading up to the game. The event takes place during the school’s homecoming week and is looked forward to every year.

“It [the game] was fun and it brings all the girls together,” says junior team player Kaci Cunningham. “It lets us have fun with everyone.”

The last game was a competition against the seniors and the juniors. The juniors were tough, but the seniors claimed victory with a score of 25-0.

The girls weren’t the only ones out of their comfort zone that night. The cheerleading roles were filled by HHS male students who were given the task of leading cheers for their class sections and creating a two minute dance routine, which was performed during the halftime competition.

“I loved teaching the Powder Puff dance the last two years,” says HHS senior Danielle Boss. “The guys are amazing and it’s so much fun!”

The cheer competition was monumental to the senior students, who took first place for the third year in a row, calling it a “3peat”. The junior cheer team received second place, followed by the sophomores in third, and the freshman in fourth.

“I’ve had so much fun these past four years,” says senior cheerleader Chris Pryslak. “It has been a truly amazing experience and it’s also a plus that we have won the past three years.”