Attention male students: Spirit needed

Madison Deadman, Staff Writer

IMG_4337-1024x682By Staff Writer: Madison Deadman

Freshman, sophomore, and junior guys who are looking for fun, competitive school spirit should help out their class for powder puff. For those who do not know, powder puff football is an annual tradition here at Howell High where the girls play out on the field in a flag football contest and the boys cheer them on throughout the game and perform a half time dance.

The teams are freshmen against seniors and sophomores against juniors. All four cheerleading teams are competing against each other. There can only be one winner. This is one of the few opportunities where male students can jump around, dance, and be complete goofs without being judged.

Last year’s junior class performed “Gangnam Style” and won.  It was so entertaining that they were asked to perform it again at the homecoming pep assembly. The class of 2014 needs some competition this year.

Many students claim that this is one of their favorite events on the year.

Junior Dylan Lester says, “I’d have to say I like powder puff because it’s a chance to show your school and class spirit while having a blast doing it at the same time. It lets you compete against the other teams, showing everybody what your class is about. I think other guys should join because there isn’t a reason not to!”

“It’s all about senior power! It’s just a fun way to get to know people in your grade and have fun,” says senior Christopher Pryslak.

Who is willing to give the senior class a run for their money this year? C’mon boys, enthusiasm and spirit are desperately needed. This year the game will be held on October 2 at around 6:00, depending on when each team wants to arrive and warm-up. If interested contact class advisers Ms. Peckens, Ms. Dinatale, Ms. Deboer, or Ms. Brady for further information.