Looking at the style of Howell High School

James Edwards and James Edwards

rsz_img_0052By Staff Writer: James Edwards

Alright, I may not know much about style, but I will tell you what I think you should and shouldn’t do. You will also learn, from my point of view, what looks good for guys and what looks good on the women.

So far this school year, I have seen a lot of new fashion fads, a lot that I like and a lot that I hate. What are those? You can’t possibly cover every single style in one article so I will point out my favorite types of style. First, we are going to go with the jocks. A lot of the athletes this year have carried on the recent wave of Nike Elite socks with the Elite shorts. Now I’m fine with that but it really irks my nerve when some kid tries to wear an Adidas shirt with the shorts or Adidas shoes with this get-up. In other words, don’t mix Nike and Adidas.

We are at the end of homecoming week right now and I have enjoyed seeing what everyone has worn for each clothing themed day. I liked the idea of hat day, and I feel like guys everywhere agree on that topic with me.

Another thing I want to compliment young men on is if they call pull off the geek look. Khaki pants with a sweater vest can look solid if you can make it work. But please tuck the vest in for the sake of fashion police everywhere, like myself.

On to the women. One thing that keeps me up at night out of pure rage is when the girls wear high-waisted shorts. Really, is this 1975 or what? The females need to get over that trend before guys everywhere suffer from sleep deprivation.

Another recent thing that I saw is girls wearing black and brown together, just kills me. Two different dark colors together don’t work.

In spite of my recent rant, the female population of the school does very well in terms of nice fashion.

One general complaint that I am hearing from kids all over the school is the distaste for kids just wearing “what they wore to bed” to school. I can understand that, but being one of those kids I can say that that is my style so I have to like it.

Another thing that bothers some female students is when girls wear white pants after Labor Day. I don’t know why, but that’s what they say. I never understood that unwritten rule but I don’t ask questions and quite frankly, I just don’t care.

I may not be the best at critiquing style, but now you all know how I feel about how you look.