Raffle baskets to determine the favorite college football team of Howell High

Rachel Cichon and Rachel Cichon

urlBy Staff Writer: Rachel Cichon

For many Michiganders, there is one prevailing method that can determine all one needs to know about another’s personality.  It is a single, simple question that has the power to make or break friendships, to define someone’s identity, and to rally a group of different individuals together beneath a single stadium. The question? Are you a fan of Michigan…or Michigan State?

This week, students can express their love of the Wolverines or Spartans by voting on their favorite team and entering a raffle for a basket of prizes. There are two baskets, one full of Michigan gear and another with the equivalent in Michigan State items. Both baskets also offer a variety of other winnings, including month passes to the Power House Gym in Novi.

Student Council representatives from the class of 2015 will be selling the raffle tickets during all lunches on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week. Students can either pay $1 for a single raffle ticket or $5 for six tickets. The student then votes on their preferred team by placing their raffle ticket in either the Michigan or Michigan State bucket.

Be they maize and blue or green and white, each student is encouraged to purchase a raffle ticket in order to support their favorite team.  The votes will be counted on Friday following the final lunch, and the team with the most support at Howell High will then be announced, as well as the two winners of the respective baskets.

There isn’t a better way to prepare for the upcoming game than by displaying your love for the ultimate team, and in exchange being given the opportunity to win assorted prizes.   It’s up the support of the students to determine if we will end this week exclaiming “Hail to the Victors!” or “Sparty on!”