Raffle baskets to determine the favorite college football team of Howell High

Rachel Cichon and Rachel Cichon

October 29, 2013

By Staff Writer: Rachel Cichon For many Michiganders, there is one prevailing method that can determine all one needs to know about another’s personality.  It is a single, simple question that has the power to make or break friendships, to define someone’s identity, and to rally a group of different individuals together beneath a sin...

Michigan state’s RCAH program helps students discover themselves

Rachel Brauer and Rachel Brauer

October 14, 2013

By Staff Writer: Rachel Brauer Walking through these old-fashioned wooden doors of Michigan State University, I felt my senior ego shrink. It was the prelude to college, and I was scared. I expected anything but the warmth I received from everyone there. The prestigious outer shell of the Snyder-Phillips shed ...

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