New water bottle adds flavor to water, promotes healthier lifestyle

Eliza Bengala, Staff Writer

aqua-zinger-infusing-waterBy Staff Writer: Eliza Bengala

How many times in your life have you passed up drinking a glass of water for a sugar-infused can of pop because the pop tastes better? Well, a new water bottle known as the Aqua Zinger hopes to make the average glass of water more exciting, and in turn, cause you to drink more of it.

The Aqua Zinger does one simple thing to make water taste better: it infuses fruit flavors into the water inside of the bottle. Just remove the plastic container from the bottom of the bottle and fill it with fruit (Or, if you’re daring, you can use herbs and tea). You then screw the bottom back onto the bottle, and by doing so the fruit inside gets grinded up by the metal grinder on the bottom of the bottle. Shake it and let it sit for about 20 minutes so that the flavors can pervade the water. The end result will be great tasting water that you will hopefully choose over a sugar-filled beverage.

But the water bottle’s purpose doesn’t stop at just getting you to consume more water. According to Aqua Zinger’s official website (, fusing the fruit with the water will also cause the nutrients of the fruit to be harnessed by the water, allowing you to get your daily serving of fruit as well as your recommended eight glasses of water a day.

And what health benefits come with more fruit? According to the Aqua Zinger website, more fruit and antioxidants can boost your immune system, prevent acne, aid digestion, improve concentration, improve your hair, as well as a list of other healthy benefits.

Aqua Zinger’s products don’t stop there. They also have a diffuser water bottle called the Citrus Zinger specifically designed for citrus fruit that wouldn’t normally be able to get grinded up in the traditional Aqua Zinger water bottle. They also have another popular product called the Salad Zinger which allows you to avoid all of the fat, sugar, and chemicals in store-bought salad dressing by making your own.

All in all, Aqua Zinger hopes to promote a healthier lifestyle with products that allow for all natural, homemade, better tasting alternatives to sugar infused, unhealthy products, as well as traditional, boring “health” products.