Snapchat says “hello” to new update

Snapchat says hello to new update

Jackie Keranen, Staff Writer

All over the globe, people have been buzzing about the new Snapchat update. On January 27th, Snapchat released an update that sent the world in an uproar.

The main complaint about the update was the loss of ability to see other peoples “best friends” or who they most commonly talk to. This sent jealous girls who don’t trust their boyfriends into a fit. In my opinion, if you have to constantly check who is on your boyfriend’s best friends list on Snapchat, then why are you even dating him? The ability to stalk who is talking to who is lost, and now you are forced to ask someone in person, like the old days.

I feel like the removal of best friends on Snapchat was a wonderful update and it has taught people to mind their own business like they should.

Another part of the Snapchat update is the Discover addition. Snapchat Discover is a way to explore different stories from all over the world. Discover focuses on the most recent and popular stories trending from Japan to Ukraine to the United States. Each Discover story either contains a video or an article that touches on the topic. This addition is a way of putting art and technology together. Personally, I really like the Discover feature. It’s a short, quick way for me to get a glimpse at what’s happening and gives me a laugh every once in a while. Also, it only takes an hour out of my day to watch and read the information. Every edition is refreshed after 24 hours to ensure that people have the latest and greatest news at their fingertips.

The last thing that Snapchat updated was how to add new friends. Instead of having to type in a friend’s username and go through the trouble of misspelling it, Snapchat has given you the option to not have to use your keyboard what-so-ever. Now, all you need to do is have your friend go to their ghost screen, for you to simply tap your camera, and BAM! You are now friends on Snapchat. I enjoy this new way of adding friends, because its quick and easy!

Over all, I would have to say the new update was for the best. I have never been more excited to use Snapchat!