HHS celebrates the holidays with spirit week theme days

By Managing Editor: Amber Lee Carnahanspirit

The week before Christmas break has been dedicated for a Holiday Spirit week, the different themes for each day designed to get both students and teachers in the Christmas spirit. The Holiday Spirit Week is December 16 through December 20, and the days are as follows.

Monday is Blizzard/Whiteout Day. This means that staff and students are to dress in all white.

Tuesday is Christmas Morning PJ Day, and as the title states, this is the day staff and students are allowed to dress more casually in their pajamas.

Wednesday is Ugly Sweater Day. On this day, the student body and staff get the thrill of torturing others with their poor fashion sense without having to get ridiculed.

Thursday is called Throwback/Unplugged Day. This day has two sides, one which some students may find difficult to accomplish. First, staff and students are to wear 60’s clothing. Secondly, they are to give up their technology for the day, which includes cell phones and laptops. Some teachers have worked the “no technology” rule into their class activities. For example, some math classes will be regressing to the days when calculators weren’t used to complete problems.

Finally, Friday is Holiday Color Day, which is when boys wear green and girls wear red.

This week is meant to be fun, so go all out and enjoy this lenience in the dress code.