Facebook, more than just a site to say what’s on your mind

By Staff Writer: Logan Tesmerfacebook-76536_640

This week, Facebook celebrated it’s 10th year as a major social network. A team working for Facebook compiled a video for each individual on Facebook, all personalised for that individual. Facebook truly cares for their customers by showing that they will take the time to make everyone that uses their site is happy.

I think this social media site has not hit its peak yet. Even though it loses customers everyday to Twitter and accounts are being deleted, Facebook still has features that Twitter can’t offer. One of the features that Facebook has that other sites don’t are things like making private groups that only certain people can follow to help plan events and have closed group discussions, like the singing groups that I’m in have closed groups to plan rehearsals and have discussions privately. Facebook also gives you the ability to privately chat with others even in group messaging and not have everyone who follows you able to see your discussions with your friends. The last thing that Facebook has is it gives you the ability to accept friends and not have random people follow your account and you have to go through the hassle of blocking them.

Overall, I think Facebook is a great site for privacy and grouping people together for social purposes, it’s not a site to talk about random things and send things to big name celebs that probably will never bother to get back to you.