Interact club: transforming our school


Julia Lively, Social Media Editor

The Interact Club is not only shaping Howell High School, but is also changing the lives of strangers all over. With around $10,000 raised each year for various organizations, this club is truly altering the school and the lives of so many others.

“I love being involved in the school and community, it’s extremely rewarding!” junior Sarah Cortez, President of the Howell Interact Club.

The Interact Club at HHS is an organization that provides community service opportunities to the school. Whether it be volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters or working at the annual 5K in the spring they are always reaching out to the community and to the school.  One of the Interact Club’s biggest events each year is St.Baldricks, which is an organization that donates money to patients with childhood cancer.

“It was a huge success, and we raised over $7,000 just this year alone,” says Kaitlyn Bloom, Vice President of Interact.

The club has about two students from each grade collect money from other students and at the end of the week at the Winterfest pep assembly the students shave their heads and donate their money to the organization.

“It really helped shaped me as a person and it was very liberating,” junior Becci Tumberela says, who shaved her head as a freshman for St. Baldricks.

The club is open to the whole school with no limits on GPA or grade. The club meets every other Wednesday all throughout the year to discuss service opportunities and to talk about ways to get the student body involved with upcoming events. Students can look for the meeting dates on the school announcements each morning and they are also posted throughout the school.