Celebrate safe driving with concerts and school grants


Kira Cleer, Staff Writer

According to celebratemydrive.com, car crashes are the leading killer of teenagers. Over 5,000 teens aged 16-20 will die from fatal injuries caused by car accidents a year and about 400,000 will be seriously injured. The 2n2 fundraiser put on by State Farm Insurance is one way schools across the nation are trying to keep their students safe. They encourage students to pledge to keep both eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel while driving.

Services secretary of the Interact Club, Hailey Merritt, got the idea from principal of Howell High School, Jason Schrock. Schrock got the idea from an email sent to him by State Farm Insurance. When Schrock suggested the idea to the Interact Club Merritt was eager to take it on.

“I hope this will accomplish safe driving. A lot of students in high school are just getting their license and if students pledge it will reduce the number of accidents.” Merritt says.

From October 15th-24th, students ages 14 and up can go to celebratemydrive.com once a day and plegde to keep two eyes on the road and two hands on the wheel. Not only can students do it, but parents can too. Any legal citizen over the age of 14 can go on the pledge. The top 100 schools can win grant money and even a concert from The Band Perry.

While Howell High School has participated in several fundraisers in past years, such as Lacasa or multiple anti-drug use campaigns, they’ve never done anything like this.

“I thought this is something that would be important.” Schrock says.

Howell has a lot of drivers and although there haven’t been many on campus crashes, there are still accidents. Howell is also a big school which would give us a good chance of winning.

“Our goal is awareness, not to be the top school.” Schrock says, “I wouldn’t do anything with the money without student voice though.”

Some goals Schrock has in mind that he hopes students will share are scholarships, classroom grants, or beautification. The goal is to improve the school and help students.

“The message of 2n2 is really creative and I’m totally supportive of driver awareness week.” Schrock says, “I hope people can see the phrase so many times that it will become a part of who they are.”