Howell names Homecoming Prom King and Queen


A.J. Firsht, Staff Writer

On Friday, September 26, our 2014 Homecoming King and Queen were named and the winners were Bailey Knight & Hailey Lambert, but do you really know the king and queen?

Bailey Knight and Hailey Lambert started dating at the beginning of their junior year of high school. They meet through friends and playing soccer. Still going strong today, they both have  bright futures ahead of them.

“The reason I voted for Bailey and Hailey was because they make such a cute couple and above all they are both very nice individuals,” says senior Alexa Skonieski,

Bailey Knight, 17, has lived in Howell his whole life. Staring at a young age Knight learn from his two older brothers that school always comes first.

“Mr. Knight is a very high energy student. In my class he is quick to learn my lessons. Also I really enjoy when Bailey helps his classmates when they don’t understand a subject or lesson  that is being taught. Overall, Bailey is a outstanding gentleman that holds himself to very high standards,” says Ms. Roberts.

Knight is currently on the Howell High School Varsity Soccer team. Planing on going to a University, Knight is setting his goals very high going into his senior year. One thing that most people know about Knight is that he is a thankful person and he doesn’t anything for granted.

“I would like to thank everyone that helped Hailey and I experience such a great honor. At first I thought we wouldn’t win because of the voting processes but once we got the notice that we would be on court, I stated to just go with the flow. My favorite part by far was walking down the middle of the football field with my parents and Hailey by my side.That was a night I will never forget.”

Hailey Lambert, senior, has to be one of the kindest souls you will ever meet. Lambert started going to Howell schools at very young age while attending Latson Elementary school. Although Lambert was homeschooled during middle school, she was excited to be back to Howell Public Schools her freshman year. Lambert now runs for the Howell High School track team

“She has to be one of the finest young students I ever worked with. On the track team she is a very good leader and someone everybody can look up to,” Coach Michael Marek says.

Lambert’s experience at Howell High school has been better than she ever expected. Lambert’s future plans are to go to college to get a nursing degree and to become a nurse .

“I have made so many great friendships and I’m having so much fun as a senior. Even though I’m a little sad knowing that my high school years are almost over, I’m anxious to see what my future holds for me. Also I was so honored to win. My favorite part was being able to win with my boyfriend/best friend Bailey. That made it the best night I’ve ever had.” says Lambert.