The awe-inspiring Brady

The awe-inspiring Brady

Alexa Skonieski, Social Media Editor

Every year students get seven new teachers that teach them how to write the perfect ACT essay or how to factor an equation. Mrs. Andrea Brady is more than just a teacher here at Howell High School. My junior year I had Mrs. Brady for Algebra 2, I was genuinely scared for the class because math is not my best subject. Mrs. Brady not only made math my favorite class but taught me in a way that I truly understood the material. Mrs. Brady has been teaching at Howell High School for nine years after graduating from Michigan State University.

“My senior year I actually got voted most likely to be a teacher at North Farmington High School” Mrs. Brady says.

Brady isn’t just a math teacher, she is in charge of just about everything. Powder Puff, Senior Survivor, and student council are just a few activities she runs. Brady has been a student council adviser for seven years now and is currently the adviser for the senior class. She gets work done, is full of great ideas, and pushes her student council kids, such as myself, to be better people. If it wasn’t for Mrs. Brady, we would not be the awesome and unique high school we are today.

“My favorite would have to be Senior Survivor because I love the competitive edge to it and its also always for a good cause,” Mrs. Brady says of her activities.

Mrs. Brady feels it is important for students to be involved in their school.

“High school only lasts four years, kids will not have a chance to do it over again, you want to remember those years.” Mrs. Brady says.

Mrs. Brady has been more than just a teacher to me, she is an inspiration. I can’t wait to come back and visit Brady when I am grown and explain to her what an amazing person she is and how she has been such a role model to her students, including myself.