New horizons for former Main Four adviser


Jordan Pudvay, Social Media Editor

After nine years of being The Main Four adviser, Mrs. Luann Haskins is remembering the late nights and parties that brought out the fun in journalism. Currently, instead of running The Main Four, she is practicing her Aunt Em voice for Howell High School’s production of Wizard of Oz.

Haskins started teaching in 2001 at McPherson Middle School and stayed there for two years until she started at Three Fires. After two years at Three Fires, the high school principal contacted her about teaching the newspaper journalism class, due to her having a major in journalism. She became the new adviser for The Main Four in 2005.

“It was hectic, fun, and rewarding. I knew that I grew as a writer from the kids in the class. They inspired me,” Haskins says.

Her biggest joy from being the adviser is seeing alumni of The Main Four having journalism majors and newspaper jobs in college now. She has enjoyed seeing them grow up throughout high school.

“My first year at the high school I had two kids that I had in middle school. They joined [the newspaper] in their freshman year and stayed until they graduated. I got the chance to see them grow as writers,” Haskins says.

Although The Main Four has changed and grown since her starting as the adviser and will continue to grow, she wishes that more kids would subscribe to the website and like or follow the social media pages. She also wants kids to know how important journalism is and how well students can grow as a writers.

“I love that woman [Mrs. Haskins]. She is my kindred spirit,” English teacher Mr. Joseph Miller says when asked about how it was teaching next to Mrs. Haskins last year.

“She is super dedicated and motivational. She is entertaining because she uses lots of characters when talking,” Miller says.

As of this year, she is not the adviser anymore, but if anyone has had her as a teacher, they know she loves Wizard of Oz by all of the posters in her room. Now, as the school prepares for the production of Oz, she is a part of the show, as Aunt Em along side Mr. Bushey as Uncle Henry.

“I usually have staff as a character and she’s good friend of mine. She deserves it. Her energy is through the roof. She checks in and is ready to go every day. I think that the kids can learn as actors from her,,” drama teacher Ms. Amanda Malo says when asked about Mrs. Haskins being Aunt Em in Wizard of Oz.

Haskins favorite part about the production as whole so far has been the parade and seeing the main characters in costume.

“I’m super excited about it. I’ve loved Wizard of Oz since I was a little girl. It had a big impact on my life as a whole. I have a collection of Wizard of Oz journals, photos, cards, and dolls from my childhood,” Haskins says.

After losing her parents, her favorite part about Wizard of Oz is the concept of ‘There’s no place like home.’