Fall fashion trends

Fall fashion trends

Jordyn McConnaughey, Social Media Editor

Whether people realize it or not, fashion is a big part of high school life, especially as we switch from shorts to sweaters. Many new fashion trends have arrived with the fall season. Both boys and girls have many options when looking at fashion this fall.

As far as fashion for girls, there is so much to talk about, starting with the basics. One of the biggest staples this season would be neutral colors. Colors like beige, white, brown, and black are all very in and are perfect when transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall. Neutral colors are great with a pop of color; you could add a fun scarf to your sweater or even a colorful statement necklace.

Pattern wise this season; camouflage, stripes, and plaid seem to be the new thing. Stripes are very understated and casual, but can add great detail to any outfit. Camo is more daring and is a great way to spice up your look and throw something different into the mix of your outfits. Plaid screams fall and can be dressed up or dressed down depending on what look you want to achieve. Oh and don’t be afraid to mix patterns! A striped shirt with a floral scarf and a striped shirt underneath a plaid flannel are adorable fall outfits.

Fall in Michigan can be extremely cold and we often find ourselves wearing thick sweaters and jackets. This year try layering your sweaters with a collared shirt and maybe even throwing a jacket over it. Layers keep you warm, cozy, and also look adorable on a fall day. A great outfit would be putting a loose sweater over a chambray (denim) shirt and pair it with some leggings and ankle boots.

For the gentleman, this season khakis are a must. Khakis are an easy way to change up and dress up the normal jeans and t-shirt style. Khakis look great paired with a graphic tee or even a baseball tee. There’s no need to wear khakis every day, but they are a nice way to shake up your look during the week.

Another fall staple for the guys would be a button up shirt. These are so classy and can be paired with almost anything and still look great. A button up shirt with a pair of khakis and a nice jacket is one of the favorites this fall and the ladies love it.

Fall is a great season with so many great options for clothing for both girls and guys. Don’t be afraid to have fun with your outfit whether it’s mixing patterns, throwing in a pop of color, or picking out a bold shirt. I hope all of these fall fashion trends can come in handy when picking out your perfect outfit this season.