Unmasking questions about Halloween


Kaylee Hamilton, InDesign Editor

What should I be this year for Halloween?

Costumes seem to be one of the hardest, yet most exciting decisions for most people. There are so many options, whether your goal is scary or even funny. If you are struggling to find the perfect outfit, consider these awesome, yet easy ideas: a princess, a witch or even a police officer.

This year we can expect many children to be Queen Elsa or another character from the popular movie, Frozen. Pharrel William’s “Happy” may also make many fans aspire to look like him on Halloween with his signature hat. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles recently came out with another movie which in result may prompt many people to throw on their orange, red, purple or blue headband. Other movies or pop culture from this past year give great ideas of what to be on Halloween.

What are some good ideas to do with my friends without getting us into trouble?

Many haunted attractions are always a big hit and they are even open all night! Places such as the Terrorfied Forest and Erebus are the popular places talked about by Howell High students. If that is too costly or scary for your liking, try watching a good Halloween movie such as Halloweentown and munch on some candy corn.

Many teens choose to go to a social scene and find a fun party to hang out at. Teens who will be attending any parties for Halloween will want to remember to keep an eye open for any harmful situations going on around them. If something makes you feel uncomfortable, remember that you have the power to remove yourself from any situation. If you will be traveling home on the evening of the 31st, keep an eye out for drunk drivers and never get in a car with a friend under the influence.

My personal favorite activity is to carve a jack-o-lantern and cook pumpkin seeds. Carving pumpkins, as well as painting pumpkins, can get your creativity flowing. Try playing some spooky music in the background and eating your favorite candy to add to the experience.

I am 14 years old, am I too old to go out trick or treating?

There is no such thing as “too old” for anything! However, if you do choose to go out trick or treating be sure to have a killer costume and be very polite as well as saying “trick or treat” at every door you go to. Being thankful is extremely important because many adults are hesitant to give out candy to teens in the first place.

While sorting through your candy, make sure to not eat any pre-opened candy for your safety and remember what your mom used to tell you, brush your teeth after eating all that candy. Halloween is meant for everyone to have fun, but remember, somebody else’s “fun” could be at the expense of your own safety. Whatever you decide to do, remember to be safe and I promise, your night will be spooktacular!