Top 10 best candy for Halloween

Jordan Pudvay, Social Media Editor

Halloween is every kids favorite holiday, right up there next to Christmas. You get to dress up, run around your neighborhood without parents, if you are old enough, and get free candy from people. Every kid has their own favorite candy and everyone’s is different. Here is a list of some favorite candies in America.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups – If you don’t love Reese’s, then I don’t even know if you’re human. Peanut butter wrapped in chocolate perfection… who could hate that? Also, they’re still perfectly amazing if you freeze them.

Kit-Kat’s – According to Kit-Kat’s site, they are “the delicious combination of smooth milk chocolate and light, crispy wafers,” which is absolutely correct. They have just the right amount of crunch and sweetness when you eat them.

Hershey’s – It’s been around since 1894 and has always been a favorite, not just for Halloween. Hershey’s has been used for so many things and has the right amount of flavor and chocolate for anyone of any age.

Crunch Bars – Crunch Bars are perfect. If you love crunchy stuff, but not too much crunch, then this is the candy for you.

Twix – If you haven’t seen the commercials for Twix bars, then you’re missing out on a big laugh. The package comes with two bars, which are ‘made’ by separate companies, Left and Right Twix. “They are made of a crunchy flavorful cookie, delicious chewy caramel, and smooth creamy chocolate,” according to both Right and Left Twix companies.

Skittles – They are perfectly sweet, sour, or even mixed depending on what kind you get. Skittles are the candy for any type of person, no matter what their mood is.

Three Musketeer – Three Musketeers are a whipped nougat inside wrapped by a thin layer of chocolate that will melt in your mouth. They are just the right amount of sweetness if you’re only looking for a little bit.

Starbursts – Starbursts are sweet, sour, and delicious. They’ve been a favorite of kids for a long time. They are one of those candies that you can have a competition to see who can get the wrapper off with their tongue.

Baby Ruth – They are a leading brand that satisfies your desire for a hearty candy bar with great American taste, with a little kick of salty and sweet. They’re perfect for anyone of any age.

Caramel Apple Suckers – They’ve only just become really big in America, but they are a favorite treat in a much smaller bite size candy. They’re super sticky and have a sweet and sour side.