First meeting of the new Meditation Club


Kaylee Hamilton, InDesign Editor

This Wednesday at 2:30pm, Howell High School’s first ever meditation club meeting will be held in Mr.Talberg’s room, Q-5. All students are welcome to attend the meeting.

Students can expect to learn how to meditate and cope with stress. Students can also expect the meeting to last about 30 minutes, however the full length of meditation club meetings has not been set yet due to the lack of previous experience with this club.

The goal of this new club is to help students relax and stay calm throughout the stressful environment of school. Many people across the country are resorting to forms of meditation to relieve stress, to increase the quality of their performance, to help relieve colds and to offer help in many other aspects of daily life.

Check back to next week for full details on how the event went.