We the People prepares for state competition


Rachel Cichon, Editor-in-Chief

We the People, a class at Howell High School that studies constitutional law and takes their knowledge to competitions at local, state and potentially national levels, has their second hearing on Friday, January 9. The class, led by teacher Mrs. Kristie Shantry, will go to Michigan’s capital to compete in their state competition.

At the capitol, the class will break into units, each of which will present a pre-written statement to a panel of judges. Following the statements, which last four minutes, the judges will ask follow-up questions to the students, who have spent the first semester of the year studying in the hopes that they will have sufficient knowledge of each subject.

If the students win the state hearing, they will move onward to nationals, a competition that occurs in Washington D.C. HHS has only made it to nationals once before, in 2012 under teacher Mr. Mark Oglesby.