Highlander wanted

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Highlander wanted

A.J. Firsht, Staff Writer

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I open the big door that holds the Highlander within. Walking in, taking deep breaths, knowing the importance of the task at hand. I gear up and put the suit on piece by piece, then finally putting on the head. The rush that I feel can not be described.

I stand in the tunnel,  getting the team hyped up. I hear the sound of the crowd coming to their feet and before I know it, the marching band starts playing. I take off running as fast as I can. Everybody is cheering, the band as loud as they can be and I find myself with so much spirit I can not contain myself.

The memories from this year I will never forget, but unfortunately it will all have to come to an end for me. That means it’s for someone else to go on the best journey of their lives as the Howell Highlander.

Due to an upcoming vacancy for the role as the Howell mascot, I’m reaching out and looking for a high-spirited and fun male or female person looking for a life experience that I found incredible.

Requirements are very simple, you must be able to fit the entire suit. Also, you must have a flexible schedule to attend as many home games as possible for multiple sports that include football, basketball, and hockey.

If you do decide to take on the task, you can receive a varsity letter in cheerleading. Also you get to work alongside the cheerleaders during every football game.

If you’re interested in trying out for the role of the Howell Highlander, please contact AJ Firsht at [email protected] or the athletic office.

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