The new and improved Winterfest


Alexa Skonieski, Social Media Editor

It has always been a struggle at Howell High School to get students to attend the formal affair of Winterfest. Winterfest is just like our famous Homecoming dance, but instead of being held in the field house, it is held in the commons area. The Winterfest dance is put on by the junior student council members. The money raised from the dance goes towards the upcoming classes’ Prom and other social activities they choose to participate in during their senior year.

This year the class of 2016 student council tried to eliminate the bad rep of Winterfest by holding the dance on a Friday night instead of a Saturday. Students wanted to stay away from Saturday the 14th, due to Valentine’s day festivities. Not only did the class change the date, but also the dress code. WInterfest was not a formal dance this year. If you wanted to show up in sweatpants or dress pants, you were more than welcome to do so. The juniors tried anything and everything to make Winterfest a more attended social event this year. Overall, I give the stuco team credit for trying something new and I hope they made a lot of money for their senior activities next year. Although the dress code is changed, I would have felt weird showing up to a dance in boots and leggings while others might be in heels and sparkly dresses.

I attended Winterfest the old fashion way with a dress and pumps on my feet and rocked the night away.