Sticky note surprise greets the students of HHS


Rachel Cichon, Editor-in-Chief

This morning, as weary Highlanders filed into the school, they were greeted by a positive surprise. On every individual locker, a sticky note had been placed with a positive message on it. Each sticky note seemed to have a unique message, design or handwriting which made the notes pleasant and personal. Students rushed to their lockers to see what message they had gotten.

“It was a nice, positive reinforcement in the morning,” senior Josie Jakary says of the notes.

Placing the notes was an idea of the school’s PTMO, Parent/Teacher/Mentor Organization, which was formerly known as the PTO. The parents and teachers in the group felt that they needed to be more active and involved with student’s life. The project was actually postponed a bit later than intended as a result of the snow days.

“I heard a kid say it made their day this morning,” says Ms. Kristine Shantry, who was happy to report that almost every student seemed happy with their surprise.

On Tuesday, February 17th, the day before the sticky notes were placed on the lockers, teachers were encouraged to make as many as possible during their prep hours. At least 27,000 notes were wanted to cover both the 10-12 building and the freshman campus.

“I loved them,” senior Jack Wilson says.

A list of suitable sayings were given to the teachers but most preferred to use their own, inspirational messages. Notes had a huge variety of messages that made each one unique, with famous quotes, motivational sayings and even little drawings on some.

“I thought it was a pretty good idea,” sophomore Jimmy Karvonen says. “I think they made kids happier this morning.”