HHS senior directs play


Evan Webster, Staff Writer

Directing takes heart, determination, and of course, these three words: Lights, camera, action. A Howell High School senior, Brooke Lys, will be taking on the challenge of directing an entire two act play by herself. The production she chose to put on is called The Apartment and will be shown in the drama room, K-5, at the high school. It will be shown over two days from March 10-11, at 7p.m. Tickets will only be available at the door for $5. There are a maximum 100 seats per show.

“This show is completely student driven, ranging from casting to rehearsals. It takes a lot of drive for one student to be able to direct a whole play by themselves, I even as an experienced director have help,” drama teacher Mrs. Amanda Malo says.

Each year the drama department of HHS has a student directed play put on. At the end of the last school year Lys was asked by Malo to have the honor of directing the next student play. Over summer Lys read multiple plays and researched each one. While browsing the internet she came across the play she knew was destined for her to direct, called “The Apartment”.

“When I read this play I knew that this was the play I was going to direct. I had read multiple others but “The Apartment” really stuck out to me and I didn’t want to direct any other play besides this one,” Lys says.

It is a story about a man, who lives on his own, named Bert. He is accompanied by his three imaginary friends: a cowgirl, an old english man, and a mute. The viewer witnesses his everyday life with his friends. One day he meets a woman named Liz who needs to hide in his apartment. After Liz leaves she later returns and starts to build a friendship with Bert. As the story continues, Bert must face the challenge of what is real and what is fake.

“Brooke is awesome to work with, but she is an intense director and wants to get things done, and I respect her a lot for that. She has helped me build as an actor so much from working with her,” lead of the play, junior Hans Hansen says.

Lys found a passion for directing over the last couple years when she helped co-direct a one act play with a friend. While she was helping, a love for it was sparked. Lys has been accepted into Michigan State University where she hopes to pursue her love with their new directing program.

“When I direct I look at the script and it’s like a little movie playing in my head, and being a director I can put all those things I saw in my head into reality,” Lys says, “I am so thankful for Malo for pushing me and helping me find this love of mine.”